Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 2 Picks: Sllaacs Didn't get the Memo

The fourth game is supposed to whoever is playing the Packers, in honor of occasional poster dobolina.

So let's do five games:

If you've been reading me at all this week, you know I'm picking the Chiefs. 31-10.

The 49ers will lose, but it will be close. Seattle sucks, and I like 49ers D. Maybe if Mike Nolan gets fired, Al can pull a reverse-Norv and hire him to be his defensive coordinator. But probably not, because he doesn't hire good defensive coaches, because he coaches the D himself. 13-10.

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland: I like the Steelers. 31-17.

Dallas vs. Philly on Monday night. Now, here's a football game. Donovan is my fantasy quarterback; I lucked into him when I forgot to login to the live draft and my computer drafted him for me. He then lit up the Rams for 363 and 3 TDs. The Cowboys are not the Lambs, obviously. But I'm going with Dallas, breaking in a new Stadium. I wonder if Jerry Jones got a new 12-person hot tub shaped like Texas Stadium.

Packers vs. Detroit. The Lions suck. Along with the Rams, they're the only other team ranked lower than the Raiders on's Week 2 Power rankings. Packers, 27-7.


fizzing hari said...

Jerry Jones' new 12 person hot tub is in the shape of darth vader's head. "Just the tip".

dobolina said...

I'll post my pics here, rather than create a new post:

Oakland vs. KC--Just because everyone expects KC to run away with this, I'm picking Oakland 14-10.

SF vs. Seattle--Seattle doesn't lose at home. Especially to the Niners. 24-10.

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland--Cleveland's overrated, but because they're playing at home, it will be close. Pittsburgh 31-24.

Dallas vs. Philly--Begrudgingly, I have to admit that Dallas looks like the team to beat in the NFC. And they're playing this week at home. Dallas 28-24.

GB vs. Detroit--Detroit plays GB well at home. But GB is the better team. GB 28-17.