Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hater of the Week: John Sousa.

This column by Ray Aspuria of the Eureka Times-Standard, would, in a normal week, absolutely earn him Hater of the Week status. Money Quote:

Then, the camera panned up into the luxury boxes.

There sat the architect of the 2008 Raiders, owner Al Davis.

A terribly aging man trying not to drool on himself, Davis sat watching in his wheel chair as his beloved Raiders were dismantled piece-by-piece by Mike Shanahan and his Broncos.

Davis -- the man who vetoed Kiffin's firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan in the offseason, the man who spent millions upon millions on subpar free agents, the man who believes in getting defensive pressure without blitzing -- sat with little more than a blank stare.

No anger, no frustration, at least not on ESPN cameras.

What the cameras did catch was a team looking lost.

Just like their owner.

That's brutal, but I can't honestly say that similar thoughts haven't crossed my mind. And that's what is so sad to me. Writing this blog used to be fun. It was a jokey sort of thing, like if the Raiders were the United States, and Al Davis was Ronald Reagan, then CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY was The Weekly Standard or Commentary.

Unfortunately, the Ronald Reagan comparison has become too apt. Al Davis is either suffering from dementia or he's dead, and his ideology is running the Raiders into the ground.

So, this week's Hater of the Week is me. John Sousa. I've lost faith. I have no hope. I'm a fan of the Dumbest Team in the Country, in any and every sense of the word Dumb.


Dan Hauenstein said...

You know it's hard to be a fan when doing so makes you hate yourself.

Sllaacs said...

I do have to say this in Davis' defense: The man has at least been to a Super Bowl this millenium, and if he is so damned senile and that's why the Raiders suck, then what the hell is the San Francisco 49er's excuse during this same time period(To use just one example)?