Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - Week 2 - The Niners play the Rams THIS week, right?

So I picked the 49ers to beat the Rams last week - sue me.  I'm picking the Niners over the Rams this week too - point differential in a loss.  I think Dan is on to something with that St. Louis-Cardinals-Rams thing.  I was also mistakenly listed as going 3-1 when I went 2-2 with my predictions, (I'm no Belichick).  I would also demand some measure of love for picking not just the loss, but the blowout of the Raiders, but come on - that was an easy pick.

So, I'm posting first - I get to pick the games.

San Francisco @ Seattle.  The Seahawks SHOULD blow out the Niners, just as they should have last year - twice, but Seattle has been an underachieving squad for years now, and I will pick a San Francisco upset to the tune of 17-13.

Oakland @ KC.  This will be an easy win for the Chiefs, and Damon Huard will throw for 300 yards.  24-6 Chiefs over Raiders.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland.  Who cares?  How 'bout thousands of raving maniacs in the Dawg Pound.  This is one of the NFL's great rivalries.  I'm taking Cleveland, 35-27.

Philadelphia @ Dallas.  Good match-up for Monday.  An early season battle for the division lead.  Both teams looked good last week with the Cowboys handling Cleveland @ the Pound and the Eagles Molly-Whopping the Rams, and the recent histories of the two teams suggests a good game.  That's why I'm picking the Eagles to win by 10, 34-24.

I love the NFL.  Not.


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