Friday, September 26, 2008

Dan's Picks - Week 4

I am going to take this opportunity to choose which "random" game we should pick this week. The aim this year was to pick three set games - Raiders, 49ers, Packers - and one random game. So Sllaacs, you've got one more to pick.

I select the New York Jets to beat the Arizona Cardinals. Maybe Mikey will weigh in with some insight. I'll say Jets 27-21. Favre is questionable for the game, and we all know he plays best when hurt. Arizona seems decent this year, but I don't think they're ready to be 3-1. I can't visualize that appearing in the regular season standings. Plus, this is their second east coast game in a row and I know I'm not looking forward to going to the east coast for a second week in a row.

Saints over Forty-Niners. I couldn't agree more with Sllaacs - the Saints should win, flat out. 31-21.

Green Bay over Tampa Bay. Let's all remember to attend this game someday. Imagine thousands of relatively well-to-do retirees from Wisconsin who spent decades honing their tailgating skills in the harsh frozen tundra now unleashed in the warm sunshine to cook mounds of meat without having to worry about starting their mittens on fire. So anyway, not only do I like the Packers, but I also think they are a very good team, even without Al Harris' spleen. Griese's arm has got to be sore, and I'm sure the Packers are unhappy about the Cowboy game. Packers 30-17.

So now we come to my beloved Raiders. My poor, misguided, yet somehow decent on the field Raiders. I sure hate to say it, but the Chargers will win this game, 28-20. And this time I'm not just saying that for luck. The Buffalo collapse makes a lot more sense when you take into account Gerard Warren's and Nnamdi Asomugha's injuries. I've been extremely nervous about our DT situation ever since the Raiders cut everyone but Warren and two highly paid dudes who spent the majority of training camp trying to avoid Corey Stringer's fate. Regardless of what happens earlier, the Raiders won't be able to stop the run late in the game. And what happens earlier might not be pretty with Nnamdi unable to press. He broke his elbow and had to drop off the line late in the Buffalo game. It would be difficult for any team to replace one of the top 2 CBs in the league, but it is particularly difficult for the Raiders, who - perhaps in a tribute to the retiring Troy Brown - had two of their famously deep WR corps playing CB in practice this week.

At least I'll be on a plane.

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Sllaacs said...

I originally was going to pick the Saints in this game, out of common sense, but after seeing all of the ESPN GameDay guys agree on a New Orleans win, I changed course.
Yeah, the Raiders did get screwed by defensive injuries in the KC game, but the offense was healthy as far a I know, and that's where the Raiders ultimately failed in the game.