Monday, September 22, 2008

"I'm Embarrassing the Fact that You Don't Know How to Write a Column"

That's an actual quote from John Herrera while confronting Johnny's new favorite columnist in this remarkable exchange caught on film. I think we've moved beyond embarrassing by now. It's mortifying. The franchise is literally dying and rotting away, flailing out with clouded vision and misguided energy that only accelerates the process.

Let's see...bright side. Maybe that Herrera is embarrassed about having handed out the article? If you look closely in the background you can just make out the Hindenburg bursting into flames outside the press room window:


Sllaacs said...

Nice, Dan. Is Herrera really an ass or is he a "company man"?

Dan Hauenstein said...

I think he's a "company man," but he certainly does a good ass impression.