Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dan Picks Before Johnny Goes All Vince Young

Five picks in five minutes:

Seattle was surprisingly bad last week, which was very good for my fantasy defense. The 49ers were unsurprisingly bad last week. So I just need to pick the home team on this one. Seahawks 24-13.

Wow, a rust belt matchup. I'm saying the Steelers are better than expected, Browns worse, based on one week of action. Cleveland won't be able to run and they'll lose 28-17.

Packers at Detroit. Like dobolina, I know that Detroit always plays the Packers tough in Detroit, but it seems a lot of that had to do with Favre throwing 7 interceptions per game. Packers 34-24.

Dallas - Philly. Ooh, good game. Dallas does have an amazing stadium under construction. But they'll win because they are loaded. Cowboys 28-24.

So we come to the Raiders. It sure would be nice to see Kiffin fired after taking apart the Chiefs at Arrowhead. But I think with Brodie Croyle out of the game it eliminates two Nnamdi INTs for TDs, and the Chefs will win 27-20. Through all of the drama, at least we have locked up our best player and my favorite Raider to a long term contract. Oh, actually we didn't do that at all.

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