Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, The Humanity!

Wow.  I predicted a Buffalo win just like most every else did, but who would have thought the Raiders could lose such a heart breaker. Did they choke?  Hell yes.  And much like the Hindenburg, the Oakland Raiders were cruising in for a textbook landing after a successful 12/16th of a flight and then...  Well we know what happened next.  Tell me after clicking that link, Raider Fan, that you don't see the parallels. 
The better team won, as they should have, but the method was just total madness.  I remember that with about 6 minutes left in the game, I was going to send Sousa a text saying "This one is over".  I decided, naw - why jinx the Raiders - then I went to the store to get a Niner Game Beer.  I came back and saw what I thought must have been a typo on the ticker.  

Holy shit man - it really must suck to be a Raiders fan.


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