Friday, September 26, 2008

Sllaacs Picks -Week 4

With no adieu:

Forty-Niners @ Saints:
The Saints should win, flat out.  The outcome of this game and how SF plays will give the Niners and their fans an idea of what we will have this year.  Everyone with common sense and decent football knowledge will pick New Orleans at Home in this game.  I will be a fan and pick the Niners over the Saints 35-27.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay:
I will take Tampa at home.  Brian Griese.  I have always thought he was a good QB, now he will get another chance to prove it.  Tampa wins 20-13.

San Diego @ Oakland:
No such thing as a Home Field Advantage in Oakland.  San Diego will roll 45-10.  Oh, the agony.


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