Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lance Kiffin where are you? Cuz Lane is Lame

I don't get it Raider Fan, why are so many of you siding with Lane Kiffin in the current Big Al vs. Raider Personnel Saga? What has Kiffin done to garner any support whatsoever except to turn against his Boss and air his grievances to the press? Which players were the Raiders supposed to dump and then replace with better players? Where was/is Oakland going to get the better players that Lane Kiffin wanted/wants?

Kiffin had done nothing to even warrant more than an Assistant Coaching interview in the NFL before the Raiders took a chance - and got burned for it. Just the fact the Al thought he had hired Lance Kiffin could be seen as Al taking advice and offering a head coaching job to a college assistant he hadn't even heard of prior. And the kid couldn't wait to go to the press and say "I'm No Company Man! This Team Sucks, and its' Big Al's fault, for not cutting half of them and finding better players out of thin air, like Manna."

Every player in the NFL has world-class athleticism, otherwise they would not get drafted in the first place. Ultimately, coaching the talent is what matters most, otherwise you end up with a roster primarily made up of misfits and underachievers.

Last week's collapse was that of a team that reeks of bad coaching. Like stink on a asswipe. Kiffin's NFL resume speaks for itself: No Prior Experience. No Current Success.

So I say Al is well within his senses to fire this guy, who really has only one clear-cut asset: Relative Youth.


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