Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bridges to Nowhere

Monte Poole makes the case for a strong GM, if for nothing else to mediate between Al and other parts of the organization. Coming as it does after Treu's excellent blog item yesterday, we're getting a clearer picture of what goes on this decaying, once-great operation. It's worth revisiting, as Poole does, the collapse of the Gruden era. I wish that Lombardi would open up and really give a complete account of his experience there, instead of just making the occasional sarcastic remark about "The Hotel California."


Dan Hauenstein said...

Great article and excellent reminder of how all this went so wrong. Why hasn't Al maintained the model? Is it that no one whose NFL mind he respects will take the job? Does Al view the role as a "bridge," and is Mark Jackson just failing miserably because Al doesn't respect his NFL mind?

In the ideal situation, Al will hire a Ron Wolf-type genius and make him the heir apparent.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Oh - and I considered blogging about this article last night with an entry entitled, "The Bridge Is Over," but then I got immersed in BDP/KRS-One vs. Marly Marl/MC Shan/Juice Crew history on Wikipedia.