Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sllaacs is Half Right.

Of course Lance Kiffin was not qualified to be more than an assistant coach.

And of course, Big Al has every right to fire Kiffin.

Those are not really relevant questions any more. The main questions, as articulated most recently by both Monte Poole and Lowell Cohn, are whether or not Al Davis still the physical and/or mental wherewithal to run a credible NFL franchise, and if not, can anyone do anything about it.

It's pretty clear he doesn't, and there's not a god damn thing any of us can do but watch and feel sick about it.

Jerry throws some gas on the fire for the "saps" by pointing out that Al Davis was in Alameda before noon today, contrary to Kawakami's assertion in a Deadspin interview that Al doesn't get to the compound before 4:30 in the afternoon.

It's pretty obvious that Kawakami was being ironic. I don't know if Jerry is just passionately pursuing the truth or throwing some red meat for the fanatics that post in his comments section.

Either way, the Raiders are screwed.


Sllaacs said...

I haven't seen any proof that Al Davis is senile other than the fact that the press is on his balls for not giving interviews. Maybe he is sick of the Media.

Dan Hauenstein said...

People have been saying Al is senile since the '90's. Then all of a sudden they were AFC Champions.

Whether he's senile or not, this time he seems to have more completely lost control of his organization. I subscribe to the "bridge" theory. Hire the next Ron Wolf.

Sllaacs said...

The same could be said for owners of the following Franchises:

Detroit Lions
St. Louis Rams
Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Pirates
Seattle Mariners

Just to name a few. What overall impressions do you have of the teams above? I think; general ambivalence towards them all.

At least Big Al established the "Greatness of the Raiders" back in the day. Maybe the old guy can do it one more time before he kicks.