Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nancy Gay: Meltdown.

The most shocking thing she reports is that Al only has three advisors he listens to anymore: Knockout John Herrera, P.R. Manager Mike Taylor (helluva job this week, Mikey!), and Raiders general council Jeff Birren. Even Amy Trask is out, according to Nancy.

That's just ridiculous. I mean, even the Lions finally fired Matt Millen this morning. And we're stuck with Al and his three stooges. It makes a little sense, actually, since Al went to the same high school as Moe Howard.


Dan Hauenstein said...

This is really playing out in classic manner. Last paranoid days of an increasingly mad, desperate ruler.

And I hate to point it out, but it has the potential to get worse after he dies and a black hole of a power vacuum develops.

Call Hank Paulson?

Sllaacs said...

Can't get much worse.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Oh, but it could. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness every time the Raiders took the field during the Shell II administration. For all the craziness, the Raiders actually won a game and played a competitive one in a tough road venue.

Sllaacs said...

After watching the Niners suck for the last few years, I feel that Coaching has been the biggest problem. Every NFL player has world-class talent - otherwise they would never even have been drafted - but the shitty teams don't coach the talent properly and that's why the team sucks.