Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Want to Believe

Monte Poole called last weekend the Raiders' "finest weekend since their AFC championship victory over Tennessee on Jan. 19, 2003." It sure felt that way around here. No games were played. No touchdowns were scored. But the feeling of success was unmistakable.

Years ago, this blog began as an outlet for our love for the Raiders, always prepared to look on the bright side when the poor organizational moves offered scant brightness to find. Unfortunately, the CLOAK has turned intensely critical as all hope has been lost.

But I want to believe. I really do. And this draft has me thinking, "Maybe, just maybe..." But one celestial body is using his epic girth to blot out the emergence of a bright side in Alameda. Does JaMarcus wear a CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY, never to be purged from the roster?

Ironically, Al's desire to believe is the only thing that might crush mine. According to John Clayton (not really "news" but he has the reach...kinda like TMZ I guess), once Al Davis gives the final word, JaMarcus will hit the streets. On Sunday, Gwen Knapp detailed the risk for all Raider fans if Al does not make a clean break. He wants to believe.

Al, please let me be the bigger fool.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Al Arrives for Saturday Draft

After the rather sensible First Round pick of Rolando McClain, and subsequent need+value picks Lamarr Houston and Jared Veldheer, speculation centered around whether Al had been led to believe that this year's draft would start on Saturday as in years past. Many of us had images of an angry Al Davis banging on a locked door with his cane as Bruce Campbell was passed up at pick #8.

Apparently Al has arrived for Saturday. Here are the Raiders' first three picks of the day:

Round 4, #106: Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland. The first Saturday pick is the one everyone thought Al would pick first.

Round 4, #108: Jacoby Ford, WR Clemson. The Raiders trade up aggressively - moving Captain Kirk - to get the fastest player in the draft, who ran a 4.28 at the combine.

Round 5, #138: Walter McFadden, CB Auburn. We just can't go a draft without picking a corner.

These three picks are classic Al. But it's almost like we got the first three picks for free this year. And with the possibility that JaMarcus's days are done, I'm beside myself with glee over this year's draft.

Nicely done, Al.


Not only did we pick odds-on First Round pick Bruce Campbell at #106 in the Fourth, now Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Jason Campbell tells him the deal to the Raiders is done. Done.

Hear that, JaMarcus? Done.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who's Next?

Clausen? I had him #7 overall to Cleveland. So maybe that qualifies as good value for the Raiders in round two.

An OT? We could sure use one.

How about reuniting Terrence Cody with Rolando McClain to stuff the run Alabama style?

The Anti-JaMarcus

Well, now we get Tebow twice a year.

Rolando McClain, FTW

And the pick is...


Finally. A real pick. A legitimate player I thought was awesome when I saw him play this year.

Any Guesses?

This room is leaning towards Rolando McClain or Mike Iupati. With the top six out of the way, all the no-brainers are gone. Now it gets crazy. We also realized that three of us copied the same mock drafts because we all read the same blogs. So Jimmy Clausen is consensus #7 in this room, but he may very well pull an Aaron Rodgers and put a lot of points on our boards.

Just don't pick Bruce Campbell.

Draft Pool

I'm at the Hauenstein House in San Carlos, and just filled out a mock draft for a draft pool, relying heavily on David White's and Jerry McDonald's mock drafts.

Instead of giving Brad Webster $5, I should have just lighted it on fire.

Anyway, should be fun. I decided NOT to rock my JaMarcus jersey, head hanging in shame, instead opting for a Guinness t-shirt the Professor bought me 8 years ago in Dublin.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More 3-4 Speculation

I mentioned the obvious after the Kamerion Wimbley trade. According to Bill Williamson, today's Quentin Groves trade offers more evidence that they may be heading in the direction of a 3-4 defense.

If that's the case, do we go ILB with Rolando McClain or find a real NT to anchor the line? Turns out that's what Paul Gutierrez has on his mind, as well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guessing Game

There's nothing like the spectacle of the NFL Draft to bring Raiders dysfunction into full view. None of the last six top picks by the Raiders has made a Pro Bowl. JaMarcus is using his girth to shove Ryan Leaf aside in the history books. Last year's DHB pick was a stereotyper's dream. So who will it be this year?

I don't have a clue. And I am not even sure who I'd like them to pick. Maybe a big OT like Trent Williams. Maybe a big DT like Dan Williams. Perhaps a stout DE like Derrick Morgan. Maybe an MLB like Rolando McClain. I wouldn't even mind a relative stereotype in CB Joe Haden.

As for guessing who the pick will be? Let's do a bit of cheating:

Per Jerry, Vegas is betting on workout warrior Bruce Campbell. Mel Kiper calls him the most overrated player in the draft, which increases the odds that it will be him.

Todd McShay calls Taylor Mays the most overrated. He ran a 4.43 40 and is a defensive back. I like his chances.

If we stick to 40 times, somebody named Jacoby Ford ran a 4.28. Nice.

Two days until we find out how Al will surprise us next.