Monday, September 15, 2008

Could be Worse, Part III

Jason Whitlock rips KC a new one. My favorite part:
"Why would a sane person pay $22 to park, $75 a ticket and fight the construction traffic to watch Carl Peterson and his flunkies build a football bridge to nowhere? You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a five-year Super Bowl plan that’s 20 years past due." (h/t Williamson)
The only real problem I have is his blaming JaMarcus for the inadequacies of our passing game. It's not his fault. He did what he needed to do, which is not take a sack and not throw an INT. Our receivers are TERRIBLE. Name one good one. You can't. This WR Corps flat-out sucks.

Now, I know Al is probably going to fire Coach Sassy-Mouth tonight. That's too bad, but what are you going to do? Lance brought a lot of this on himself. But at least we've got McFadden, and Bush, and JaMarcus, and for this year (and most likely next), Nmamdi. In the right hands, that's a bridge to somewhere.

We just need those hands.

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