Sunday, September 14, 2008

Corkran: It Might Not Matter.

This morning brings an article by Steve Corkran detailing the deterioration of the Davis-Kiffin relationship. He quotes sources saying that Kiffin is going to be fired, maybe tomorrow, no matter what happens, and that the reason is his taking the battle public. He'll be taking Mark Jackson with him.

Apparently, in August, Al Davis said, "He's not the guy I hired," in a conversation about Kiffin in mid-August. I wish that had come out then. The most damaging information is the line about how Kiffin has alienated everyone in the organization who doesn't "run, pass, or block," and the his "lone know ally is director of football development Mark Jackson."

So not even Knapp and Cable? Is it because they just don't care, because they know they'll be on Mora, Jr.'s staff in Seattle next year?

And Corkran is generous in the last line, attributing Davis' infamous introduction of "Lance" Kiffin at the hiring press conference to a subconscious realization that he "hired the wrong guy."

I think it's the reason he said, "He's not the guy I hired." He really thought he was hiring a guy named "Lance."

Anyway, good times. Should be an awesome game today.

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