Thursday, September 18, 2008

Right. Quarterback Play is the Problem with the Passing Game.

Bill Williamson has been eating retard sandwiches. In his blog post about what AFC West teams need to do to improve, he sites the Raiders' quarterback play.

Let's get this straight. JaMarcus Russell is not the reason the passing game sucks.

You want to point fingers? How about the receiving corps? I'm surprised Williamson missed this post by Jerry McDonald, since the Raiders coverage on his blog mainly consists of linking to Jerry's blog. Javon Walker may be the worst free agent signing since Barry Zito. Or how did he miss Jerry's subsequent post on JaMarcus' conference call, where he said that all he cares about is winning, and that if he had to hand it off 100 times, he'd hand it off 101.

I know he's not the only columnist I've read this week who made fun of the Raiders passing game, and pointed to QB play. But JaMarcus has not thrown and interception through two games. That's all Lance is asking, and since teams can load up on Zach Miller since Javon Walker can't get open, and Ron Curry couldn't catch a fucking cold. Get someone who can get open, and then catch the ball, and JaMarcus will get it there.


Sllaacs said...

You know, Alex Smith put up similar game numbers - 33% completion pct. no picks, no TD's. We thought it was the receivers fault too.

Sllaacs said...

By the way, what Hall of Fame receivers did Brett Favre throw to over his career?

john said...

Sterling Sharpe. HOF if his back hadn't broken off.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Of course it's a combination of things. The WRs are why the passing game is AWFUL. At KC JaMarcus was a little off, approximately what you expect for a QB at this stage. The ultra-conservative game plan doesn't provide much upside opportunity. And that O-line doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the pass game.

All in all, he can get better, but it is crucial that he isn't throwing INTs.

Sllaacs said...

I used David Carr as an example of a QB getting it done despite a shit team in my picks posting. If Russell is great, his numbers will reflect greatness.