Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bay Area Football - Back on Top... For a week

Winning vicariously,  or by proxy,  is still a win.

No losers in the Bay Area today, as far as NFL Football games are concerned.  No losing records either - both teams, the Raiders and the 49ers are .500.  Let's enjoy it for now, and put aside the following facts and queries:

The Chiefs really, really suck, yet the Raiders only had 16 points with half the 4th quarter left and allowed the sorry Chiefs to cut that lead in half.  JaMarcus Russell totally stunk up the place, and by the way, what the hell is up with Herm Edwards?  Does he hate Damon Huard, or does he think Tyler Thigpen is actually a good Quarterback?

The Seahawks core of receivers were down to the 4th string, yet they still managed to score 30 on San Franciso's Defense.  The Seattle Defense sacked O'Sullivan 8 times.

Which brings me to a point: J.T. O'Sullivan has shown in two games what Alex Smith hadn't shown in 3 seasons - poise.  Is it talent, or coaching?

It's also nice to see that Mike Martz was finally able to show us Niner fans some GD Offense.

Darren McFadden looked good, but lets see how he's doing after 250 or so carries and Russell is having another shit day, and the Raiders are playing a decent squad, (Dec. 14th vs. New England - possible Playoff berth on the line?).  Just kidding about the possible Playoff berth, Raider Fan, I wouldn't get juiced about second place right now either, San Diego got royally screwed, so that 0-2 is of the bullshit variety.  Besides SD still gets to play the Raiders and the Chiefs two times each.  

Neither No-Cal team should get too excited by these wins, but it sure brings something we fans on both sides of the Bay need...

...  Hope.


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Dan Hauenstein said...

As my uncle said last night, "It could be worse - we could be in Missouri."

That applies almost always, but especially so given the state of the Chefs and the Rams.