Sunday, October 26, 2008

Could Be Worse: Condi Rice linked to 49ers Job

Lowell Cohn has this nugget on his blog tonight.

I mean, could you see Al Davis ever considering this? I've heard him lecture Steve Corkran on how much he knows about "Foreign Affairs." I mean, of course, Al Davis is an expert on Everything.

Except that recently he seems to have forgotten how to field a competitive football operation. Anyway, I think the 49ers hiring Condi Rice would be an awesome move, at least in terms of making their organization more interesting. She was at Stanford at the same time as Bill Walsh, I think, so they could make the claim that she's part of the all-Holy Bill Walsh Family Tree.

The only problem is, she might not be able to travel with the team if they get picked to play in the London Bowl or whatever the hell they call it, because she'd be worried about being arrested for war crimes.

Good times. Maybe the Giants can hire George Schultz.

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