Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rob Ryan: Rex is an Arrogant Ass.

Gotta love Rob Ryan getting after his twin brother Rex in advance of Sunday's game at Baltimore. I say stuff like that about my brother all the time. Loved this:

Q: Have you spoken with your brother Rex this week?

Ryan: I keep quiet and like to be a professional. He’s an arrogant ass. Other than that, he has some big bullies to stand behind, just like I do. But great players make great defenses, and two of the best defenses in the league are going to show up Sunday.

Q: Is your father going to step between you two?

Ryan: No, he’s a Raider fan.

While I would have loved to see Rob punch Tom Walsh in the face a couple of years ago, the 16 sacks since the first game is a testament to the hard work of this defensive unit. Yes, the run D is still a little troubling, but they made Brett look every bit of his 39 years on Sunday.

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