Monday, October 27, 2008

Vernon - Please don't be a DUD(ley)

VD is conjuring memories of Rickey Dudley. The biggest difference is that Vernon is a good blocker - maybe even above average, so he is willing to do the grunt work. The biggest gripe that anyone has with Davis is why he isn't putting up Alge Crumpler or Tony G numbers as far as receptions go. He caught over 50 passes last year, but everyone feels like he's underachieved. The kid has a lot of swagger and that is not good on a team that sucks. His drops over the course of the season are also a large part of the reason(s) JTO got benched. I think he will do fine in the future and a little discipline should only help. Much more important in the development of Vernon Davis will the Forty-Niners QB situation. Shawn Hill will pass more to the Tight Ends and Running Backs and should give VD more opportunities than JTO, who liked to sling the ball deep whenever possible.

Mike Singletary is like a breath of fresh Tsunami air right now, but if the Niners don't improve, his huffing and puffing will grow old in a quick fashion.



john said...

Oh man, why you gotta bring up Rickey Dudley? NOT COOL.

Anonymous said...

The Packers are probably looking pretty good to Davis right now.

Sllaacs said...

Dudley was supposed to be Superman for Oakland, but he constantly blasted by the "potential" label. Same thing is going on with Vernon Davis.