Friday, October 17, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - week7 - "We are the Niners, don't get in our way" or: Can't the Niners just forfeit?

Okay, so let's compare sorry-ass team rap songs.  This link leads to the most embarrassing moment I experienced as a fan in watching the careers of Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Keena Turner and his cute little daughter.  Remember; "We are the Niners, don't get in our way.  Team of the 80's... WE CAME TO PLAY!"  You know, Roger Craig was ahead of his time - going bare-chested in a rap video long before Tupac and LL  Cool J.  Notice the use of the guitar solo in this masterpiece.  Have to admit; I sure do miss that kid of swagger, and I see very little of it in my team today.

On to the Picks:

Jets @ Raiders:

You gotta love Brett Favre right? Who doesn't?  Raider fans sure won't, as he will throw for 300 against that lame secondary.  Raiders lose 35-27 to the Jets, and yeah, I'm expecting Russell to put up some strong numbers, (200 passing yards, 2 TD's, 2 INT's).

49ers @ Giants:

The World Champion N.Y. Giants.  They will host the Niners.  This may be J.T. O's last chance to keep the starting job.  If he goes turnover-prone in N.Y. like he has in the last 3 games, expect to see Shawn Hill get some snaps.  Even if J.T. plays well the Niners will lose by 2 TD's if they are lucky.  This is a good test game for Martz - if he is such a damned offensive genius (and he has done nothing to shake that image so far) San Francisco should at least be able to score some points.  Giants roll over S.F. 30-21.

Indianapolis @  Green Bay:

On the outside this looks like it could be a good game.  I want to lean toward G.B. in this one, at home, but their defense isn't exactly living up to expectations and Peyton is starting to rev it up.  I choose the Colts on the Road over the Pack 42-27.

San Diego @ Buffalo:

Possible playoff preview.  San Diego is in need of victories and this represents a game that they would have probably penciled in as a win in the preseason.  I will take the Bills at home over the Padres,  uh Chargers 24-13.


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john said...

How come none of the White 49ers were down for the rap? I guess your team wasn't integrated like ours.