Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Is Coaching the O-Line?

Granted, the false starts are down today, but this is not one of the unit's best days. No run blocking, not a lot of time for JaMarcus, but now on a crucial drive they make back-to-back mistakes.

  1. While checking the blitz looks and making their calls, they waste the rest of the play clock for a delay of game
  2. Someone taught Jake Grove to do two head-bobs before snapping the ball in the shotgun formation so that the defense can't just hit the line when his head moves. But he's been doing it exactly the same for three weeks now, so the Ravens are just timing their blitzes to the third head-bob. Easy sack.

And with that, the Raiders are out of FG range, although probably more relevant they set up a 4th-and-21, and then JaMarcus inexplicably threw the ball out of bounds.

"Inexplicably" is the word of the day. It describes everything from JLH's kick return where he just stepped out of bounds at the 3 to Knapp's play calling at 2nd and goal from the 3.

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