Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Watching

Nnamdi is worth watching. I echo John's plea to Al Davis to Lock Him Up. Honestly, would we be any worse off cutting every single other player who could help us save cap money in order to keep him for life?

Chaz Schilens may also be worth watching after beating our old buddy Fabian on a deep post. But then some terrible play calling and execution blew a 2nd and goal from the 3 opportunity.

And then I was going to point out how good it is to see Thomas Howard showing some emotion after a big stop on a screen. Then the Raiders happened.

Gibril - not Kiffin's signing - blew a tackle and let Ray Rice steal a lot more yards from Willis McGahee en route to a first down on 3rd and 17. And now, the Raiders add to their laughingstock reel with a highlight sure to be played over and over and over and over this week - Joe Flacco beats Ricky Brown on a deep route. On a deep route.

At least McGahee's TD was called back for holding.

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