Friday, October 3, 2008

Jason Whitlock is a Big Fat Hater.

First of all, anyone as fat as Jason Whitlock should not be calling anyone "overweight."

Second of all, I said it all last time. But here he is with a new, clever slam on JaMarcus, calling him JaDaunte CulpeppeRussell.

Anyway, Whitlock didn't get fired from ESPN because he called Scoop Jackson an "Nat X Impersonator."

He got fired from ESPN because he sucks.


Sllaacs said...

Whitlock, what an idiot. Overweight coming from him is the pot calling the kettle black - or the fat guy calling the fat guy fat.

Dan Hauenstein said...

He does make a decent point about Randy Moss. The irony, however, is that he then goes on to talk about how Cris Crybaby Carter's addition to the ESPN crew makes it the best on TV. Triple-C taught Randy everything he knows about being a sissy on the field. If they keep stats on such a thing, I'd be willing to bet that Carter has double the number of theatrical complaints to referees of defensive pass interference than the runner-up at WR.

Sllaacs said...

Jerry Rice was always looking for the flag too. He and Carter might be a tie.