Sunday, October 12, 2008

JaAlex SmiRussell

Yeah, I compared JaMarcus to Alex Smith, because there are some sad similarities between the two so far: Young QB, Great Talent, Strong Arm, Good Mobility, Bad Stats, Terrible Results, Bad Team, Bad Offensive Coordinators, Bad Coaching, Bad Owners. Is Alex a bust? Yeah. Alex is a bust. Alex Smith is a bust metaphorically, figuratively, technically, clinically, and in all senses Biblical. But I don't think its' all his fault, he can't help being injured. Besides, I think 75% of the fault lay in the Forty-Niners and their inability to keep an Offensive Coordinator for more than one season, their lack of overall talent on offense, the Yorks and of course, the Head Coach, Mike Nolan.  I see the parallels with JaMarcus. It is sad.

...and speaking of the Niners Head Coach:

I was not in favor of Nolan being canned until today, when I saw the guy lose 3 challenges - he even challenged a Field Goal. Let me repeat that: Mike Nolan, Head Coach of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, Challenged a FIELD GOAL. He lost of course, for anyone not in the know. Nolan also dressed down Tully Banta-Cain on the sideline for too long to maintain respect with the rest of the team. DeSean Jackson made a spectacular catch near the sideline which Tully had no chance of stopping, Nolan challenged the catch even though the stadium replayed the thing no less than 3 times. Then you see Nolan on the sidelines giving Banta-Cain the what-for. Who the fuck is Mike Nolan to yell at a Water Boy in public, let alone a legitimate NFL player? Time for Nolan to go - his record with the Niners is terrible and he is not advancing the Nolan Brand from where his Father established it back in the day - he is ruining it. This much like Al Davis is ruining his own Brand from the great Raiders teams of the past, but at least Big Al isn't embarrassing HIS fathers legacy.


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Dan Hauenstein said...

Unfortunately, today's Raiders organization is the perfect one to develop a bust of Biblical proportions. I'm by no means declaring him a bust, but today was not a move in the right direction.