Friday, October 24, 2008

Sllaacs Picks: No Nolan... No excuses.

The Niners ran Mike Nolan out of the locker room, got him away from their players, and banned him from the facilities so that he can have the opportunity to spray his loser-milk upon some other franchise.  A win/loss of 18-37 sucks in any country, any language, at all epochs - no excuses.  
The Niners claim that they have all sorts of talent, the type of talent that belies their sorry win totals over the last 5 years.  Mike Singletary is one of the greatest Linebackers of all time, a defense-first guy (much like Nolan, but I digress)  who should shore up the defense - San Francisco's most glaring weakness over the course of the season thus far - no excuses.  Which leads me to my picks for the week.

Seattle @ San Francisco

The Niners should win, no ado.  The Seahawks are just a bad team and Niners beat them head-to-head routinely.  By no means a measuring stick unless the Forty-Niners lose.  34-21, San Francisco over Seattle.

Oakland @ Baltimore

The Ravens will feast on the Raiders sorry run "defense" and the Rookie arm of JaMarcus Russell.  This will be a sad one for fans of the Silver and Black.  Baltimore over Oakland 17-6.

The Packers are off this week, so we'll go with 2 "wild card" games:

NY Giants @ Pittsburgh

I will pick the Giants to go to Pitt and beat the Steelers - even though Pittsburgh looks strong this year.  I will take an NFC squad over an AFC squad, most days.  Giants over the Steelers 24-23.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas

Jeff Garcia, baby.  He could still be a Niner.  He should still be a Niner.  But he isn't.  Anyhow, Garcia and Antonio Bryant (whom the Niners branded a chump, but upon further review...) should be able to hook up at least twice in the promised land against the battered secondary of the Cowboys, and with a faulty finger Romo won't be a hero, and T.O. will get zero (TD's).

Much like the Raiders love to snatch up Niner castoffs, the San Francisco regime decided to follow suit and can their underachieving (or overachieving) head coach.  

The General is deposed, Hail to the Interim.


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