Friday, October 3, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - Week 5

Kiffin is gone, Johnny has an anonymous cyber-stalker, (whom he clearly provoked) and the Raiders will not lose this week.

Hard to imagine Buffalo 5-0, unless you remember the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas/Bruce Smith years.  I don't see how Arizona can win this game, Buffalo plays great defense.  I will pick the Bills on the road 30-13 over the St. Louis, uh... I mean the Arizona, uh, Diamondbacks... er, Cardinals.

Patriots @ Niners:
The absence of Tom Brady is not what gives me confidence to pick the Niners, nor does being a fan of the team dominate my logic.  No, it is the ass-whipping the Dolphins put on the Patriots that makes me think SF can win this one at home. In the loss to the Saints,(and Super Drew) last week, the Niners moved the ball well on offense, something that couldn't be said during the past 4 years, so I envision some points being put on the board against the Patsy's. The New England Defense will definitely get their sacks on, to the tune of about half-a-dozen, but this game will probably come down to which offense executes better, with neither defense dominating.

As Dan would put it: Let's say, Niners 30-27 over the Patriots.  Close game either way.

The Pack should roll over Atlanta.  It's the old indoor team vs. outdoor team, hot weather team vs. tundra squad.  Green Bay almost always wins these match ups.  Plus, let's be real: the Raiders are better than Atlanta.  So are the Niners.  Green Bay Packers over the Atlanta Falcons, 30-10.

On another note: How will Cable do as the Raider Interim Head Coach?  If he is smart, he'll stick to Kiffin's general plan for the rest of the season - then he can't lose personally. Any Head Coach would want an off season to set up their squad and general game plans, and Cable has no time for either, so he can just run the ship with no radical changes and if the Raiders win no more games he can say that he had no chance to implement his own ideas.  Also, the Raiders have led in the fourth quarter of 2 of their losses, so the general game plans used by Kiffin couldn't have been all bad.


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