Friday, October 10, 2008

Week Six - Sllaacs Picks

Oakland @ New Orleans:

So the Raiders not only have a new coach but apparently they have a new offensive play-caller. We'll see if Knapp unleashed is better than Kiffin's calls against a good but not great N.O. team. The Saints however ARE great at two things the Raiders haven't shown a propensity for stopping this season: Offense and the return game. The Raiders should get some points, but I don't see them causing turnovers on D or making the Saints punt enough to avoid another loss. This one is in New Orleans and Drew Brees looks as accurate as ever, Saints will win 35-27 over the Raiders.

Philadelphia @ San Francisco:

Easy pick here, the Niners of course. The Eagles will come in and properly expect to handle S.F. with ease - but I say J.T. O will go for 300 and 3 TD's in a surprise win for the Niners as the secondary, (and Walt Harris in particular) finally put together a good game, thereby staying the execution of Nolan. Forty-Niners over the Eagles 34-24.

Greenbay @ Seattle:

The Pack will roll in this one, as Seattle is a bad team. What more is there say? Greenbay over Seattle 38-17.

New England @ San Diego:

Surprising loss by the Chargers last week, and a surprisingly easy win for the Patriots. I still will pick S.D. at home against the backup Cassel. He will face a much better, (read: quality NFL players) defense this week, so his mediocre passing stats (other than his completion percentage, which is very good) will bear the loss they deserve.
Chargers over the Patsy's 27-13.


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