Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Mean, Wow.

I mean, how the hell did I miss this? I realize it came out when they were in LA, plus, my parents were going through this weird holy roller phase during which we didn't have a television. But still, you would think some hater like Sllaacs would have dug it up and emailed it to me to embarrass me.

I'm not sure Dan can handle who comes after Millen.

And after hearing Tom Flores spit lyrics, I think every MC out there should just hang up their mics. He just broke hip hop.


Dan Hauenstein said...

THAT brings back some serious memories! I guess they censored it in the Bay Area, but we certainly got it in Wisconsin. It was an attempt to one-up the Super Bowl Shuffle. In retrospect, it isn't as bad as I remember, but it didn't exactly make "The Autumn Wind" obsolete.

Go check out the Patriots' team song from that year if you want to see an example of LAME.

"New England, the Patriots and we - 'We're gonna beat the Bears one hundred to three!'" And the score prediction was pretty accurate, just reversed.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Have to add - that was a lot of fun to watch. What an outstanding team. And Lester didn't stutter a single time!

Sllaacs said...

Dude, I so would have made fun of you for that since way back when we were kids, but man you know the Niners had a song and video out at the same time that was worse. Remember? Jerry Rice and Roger Craig rapping? Oh, the Horror.