Sunday, October 26, 2008

Forty Niner Sideline Drama

As the Niners melt down against a team that all contributors to this blog agree is terrible, the focus shifted from on-field events to those on the sideline. Vernon Davis, a very high draft pick whose speed-size combination was to revolutionize the tight end position, did something vaguely Raideresque by smacking a Seahawk in the facemask and drawing a completely stupid 15-yard penalty. The Interim then gave him a tongue lashing, VD put on his Randy Moss pout face in response, so Singletary just ejected him. He even made him come back and get his helmet and take it to the locker room himself.

If Norv Turner had ejected Randy Moss, how long do you think it would have taken for Al Davis to get out there and beat Norv with his walker?

Sure, the Niners are somewhat inexplicably getting crushed by the Seahawks, but I've come to believe that discipline is pretty central to success in the NFL, so Singletary may have taken a positive step today.

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