Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our New Fulback Has Work Ethic, is Smart.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Jason Davis:

“My math was terrible so I kept messing up the orders. I just got up, grabbed five double whoppers, threw them in my bag and rolled out.”

That's outstanding. He's had one part time job, other than football, and he had it for two hours. At least he got some whoppers. How much math do you have to know to work at BK? I mean, as you can see, kids with Down Syndrome work at Burger King all the time. They usually can't even read, which is why everything on the cash register is a symbol.

How is this asshole going to memorize the playbook if he can't work a fucking Burger King cash register?

1 comment:

Sllaacs said...

Dude, I bet he ain't the only pro ath-a-lete that wouldn't be able to hack it at a Burger King.