Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 9 Picks

From Sllaacs:

So we got crazy hype regarding the upcoming Colts and New England game - I, of course, have already picked the Colts to win outright - fuck the spread. Peyton Manning has been 7 - 0 for three straight years. Besides, the Colts are still the Champions.

Okay, so Houston sucks, but they will still manage to score at least 13
points against the Raiders, which is 7 more than Oakland will put on the board. Look for Culpepper to try and scramble, not make it, get tackled for loss.

The Falcons are super garbage, with no QB, defense or Special Teams - I mean, they have dudes that play those positions, but not for long - they'll all soon be driving beer trucks. The 49ers have got to feel like they can put up the 17 points it will take to "outscore" the ATL. 17 - 9 Niners.

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