Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Lane Kiffin

I know you've seen all of this tape, because you guys drafted him. You wouldn't have done that if you didn't think he could play. I know you're only 32, and this is your first head coaching job, and that Mr. Davis ultimately decided to draft JaMarcus. But I read somewhere before the draft where you described him as "like the guys in the video games, who can make all the plays." I knew right then that JaMarcus Russell was going to the QB of the Oakland Raiders if you had anything to say about it.

I know it's not your fault that he missed training camp. But he was there for all of the mini-camps, and he's been here now for 8 weeks.

Look at that film again, and look at what you've getting from your quarterbacks the last 4 weeks. If the veterans are going to be turning the ball over and losing games, what good does that do anybody?

Maybe you're worried that what happened to Andrew Walter last year, when he got hit so much he was jealous of David Carr's protection, and lost all of his confidence, will happen to JaMarcus.

JaMarcus Russell is no Andrew Walter. And the line isn't as bad.

If I have one Raiders-related fantasy this week, it's this:

JaMarcus goes into your office and DEMANDS the job. Says he's going to start earning his $31 Million by taking the ball and leading this team. Sure, maybe he takes some lumps and has his share of turnovers.

Seriously, though, Coach. You need him. The fans can take losing with JaMarcus if he's showing promise. What we can't take is seeing poor Josh McCown doing a Donald Hollas impersonation. We can't stand Daunte Culpepper, God Bless him, stand 8 yards behind the center and then throw the ball to the other team.

There's 8 games left.

I'm In.

Are you?

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Dan Hauenstein said...

I think we'll see him soon. Yesterday was disheartening, to say the least. If only JaMarcus could get in there and stop the run. It was embarrassing watching Ron Dayne go on a tear.