Monday, November 5, 2007

Kiffin Responds

Okay, so I wasn't there to ask him this question directly. And I pretty much guaruntee he is not a CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY reader. But anyway, here's what he said about playing JaMarcus:

"I think about playing JaMarcus all the time. I thought about playing him when we were down by 14," Kiffin said. "That dosn't mean it's what we're going to do. This isn't about this year when you look at everything. You've got to make sure JaMarcus is ready to play. This is our franchise. This is the guy you gave a lot of money to, the first pick overall.

"You better make sure you have the right stuff around him, and he's ready to play at the right time, he knows what he's doing. You don't want to have to rebuild him. This is a guy who's not used to losing. This is a guy who's not used to offense not playing well around him. The last thing you want to do with him is put him in when he's not ready.

"Now you've got to rebuild him, his mentality. You've got to get him out of bad habits because he's playing with certain habits because he's not ready."

I think what he's saying, basically, is that he doesn't want to put JaMarcus in there with the remnants of the Dumbest Team in America in Terms of How We Play the Game.

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