Monday, November 5, 2007

The Trib is Brutal

I know that the writers who cover the Raiders for MediaNews (Oakland Tribune, CC Times, and Mercury News) aren't haters (well, except for maybe Ann "JaMarcus is a Fatty" Killion). We know the haters work at the Chronicle.

So when I read this column by Carl Steward, and read this column by Jerry McDonald, which includes the quote, "Kiffin tried as best he could to look for silver linings, but sounded a lot like Norv Turner and Art Shell in stressing how hard his team is playing," I get sick to my stomach.

To quote and old Hertz Commercial, "Brutal, Juice. Brutal." (If anyone has a link to that commercial, stick a url in the comments and I'll link it here!)

On second thought...maybe that sick-to-my-stomach feeling is from the two free breakfast samiches I ate this morning after the meeting. Who knows how long those bastards were sitting out.

Anyway, maybe what's going on here, what Kiffin is alluding to without saying because the word is FORBIDDEN by Al Davis, much like Lord Voldemort's name is taboo in the Harry Potter books, is...


That's why Jordan's being phased out and told Steward to talk to Kiff. That's why he doesn't want JaMarcus to get smashed and killed and "rebuilt" next year when he's used to losing.

I think he used that word on purpose, in that context, to send a message to us, without having to spell out "Hey, dumbasses, we're REBUILDING here." God knows we need it. All we've been "reloading" the last few years is a broken ass weapon.

So, I'm IN.

Sorry I doubted you, coach.

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