Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Levels of Suckage: Bears Win 17-6

Awesome 4th Quarter, guys. We made Rex Grossman look like an All-Pro quarterback on the 59-yarder to Berrian.

Great job.

I can't even make any snarky jokes here. The problem is that we are better than last year. Last year we were so horrible that it was kind of funny: every snap to Walter or Brooks was a potential NFL Bloopers highlight. Now we're no longer comically dreadful. We're just bad and, even worse, we're boring. Seriously, name one highlight from the 3rd quarter. You can't. They might as well have not even played it.

Poor McCown. He tries so hard but he's just not that good. He's totally Donald Hollas, Jr. I don't know what the answer is. I just know that we might not win another game, and we could have another Top-5 pick.

I just hope Kiffin is still around to turn JaMarcus loose next year.


Dan Hauenstein said...

Today was terrible, and you are right that we might not win another game. But it was better than last week. The Berrian play was really the defense's only major blemish (MAJOR), but it was not just shocking to think that Berrian (a legit deep threat) could eventually burn our #4 CB who got absolutely zero help from Schweigert.

The offense is a big problem. I'm not sure what the answer is. I'll aim to post some analysis of this game this week - maybe something will make sense...

I really haven't enjoyed a lot of Sunday nights since Gannon went down.

Sllaacs said...

The only thing that makes sense is a Bay Area Curse. There isn't a QB in the Bay who could start for any of the other teams in the league.