Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ESPN.com Power Rankings Disagree with Sllaacs.

I don't know what to make of this except that there must be some kind of anti-Raiders bias at work here.

The 49ers actually move up a spot from #29 to #28, while the Raiders fall from #27 to #29. So in the battle of who sucks the most in the Bay Area, the 49ers are getting a sympathy vote or something, because all of their former coaches have died this year.

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Sllaacs said...

Hey, man - bias or not - the Raiders really suck - who cares if it's 27th or 29th?

How bout this;

The Patriots lose a couple of picks for cheating; including thier first round pick next year, likely to be the last of the round. Not new news, just a quick reminder...

Oh by the way Niner fans,

Don't go looking forward to the draft next year like the Raider fans are doing - the 49ers will not have thier first round pick next year, why? Were they caught video taping Seattle before Monday's game, and managed to lose by just 24 instead of 48 points? No, it's because they traded it to the New England Patriots for future Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman, Joe Staley.

We know the Niners thought the No. 1 overall pick that brought them A. Smith was poison, and that they tried to move it, but no one bit on a draft day trade and SF got stuck with it. Well, they made sure they won't get stuck with a Number One Overall pick for the 2008 draft by jettisoning that hot potato to Belluplechuck and Co.

I say the Patsy's will take that Niner pick (1 - 3, no doubt) and then trade it for 5 future Pro Bowlers to keep the Belly-Chick machine running for the next decade. Nice move, Yorkus McDorkus.