Sunday, November 18, 2007


This Raiders team just didn't show up for the first quarter. It's embarrassing. To recap:
  • Stu Schweigert runs right past a TE clearly on a go route and gives up an 80+ yard play
  • Stu then badly misses a tackle on a 10-yard rushing TD
  • The offense comes with bad field position thanks to our utter lack of a return game
  • False start on Gallery sets up an insurmountable obstacle for this offense
  • Our best player has a terrible punt to give the Vikings great field position
  • Vikings march with ease to the goal line (at least one terribly missed tackle by Stu)
  • Then - good news! Asomugha gets his first INT of the year!
  • Ugh - bad news! Asomugha inexplicably tries to bring it out of the end zone and we start on the 2
  • As if by clockwork, Daunte intentionally grounds the ball from the end zone - safety

Now Morrison gets the Raiders' first fumble recovery of the year and Culpepper throws deep to Curry. But so far they've really blown their opportunity with a zero-yard run by Fargas followed up by a 10-yard sack of Daunte.

Last year I would have changed the channel after the safety. This year the team has a way of hanging around so they can screw it up with 5 minutes left in the game. I'm still watching, but I'd sure rather see these guys show up ready to play.

Ah - before I could click "post" the Raiders got a hold and a sack. So since they got to the 5 they ended up forcing SeaBass to kick a 42-yard FG. At least we are on the board.

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