Friday, November 2, 2007

This Deserves a Post

I was about to leave this as a comment, but this is a blog after all!

So how am I wrong about the Patriots being convicted, proven cheaters? And did Bob Harlan throw them out of Lambeau because he moonlighted as their cameraboy after letting Ron Wolf leave the Packers?

These Patriots are being "hated on" because they are hypocrites, quite the opposite of the Raiders. Al Davis is an outlaw, and people love him or hate him. Bob Kraft is the ultimate NFL insider who has positioned his team as the NFL's model franchise. One could argue Tags rewarded him through Walt Coleman in the 2002 version of Good vs. Evil. So now the Pats are busted for cheating in blatant fashion, Kraft calls it "unacceptable" within the context of his model franchise...and nothing changes. For every article calling the Patriots evil there have been 10 written since 2002 extolling their many virtues. But public perception turns quickly when people realize you are a fraud. I've actually been surprised at how quickly this whole scandal has blown over for the Patsies. The "running up the score" issue is the only thing bringing it back to the conversation.


john said...

I didn't think you were wrong about them being convicted cheaters. They are. There's no doubt about that. I just don't think that's as big a deal as fans and commentators have made it out to be. The article about about Tom Landry renting out the floor overlooking the practice field so the Redskins couldn't film them practicing shows this has been part of the game since the technology has been available. I just feel likeMangini's the real hypocrite here; he owes his career to the Patriots and Belichick.

Although I'm willing to concede your point about the Krafts. He's always seemed smarmy to me, and seeing as how I hate Boston teams in general...anyway, I still think that the team the Patriots have put on the field this year is the best, most complete team I've seen in years. Since Seifert's first Niners team was blowing people out on its way to a 55-10 SB win over the Donkeys.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Honestly, I can understand arguments all along a spectrum regarding the cheating tapes - ranging from overstepping the rules a bit to a scandal of asterisk proportions. I don't have the perspective to say whether everyone does it or no one does it. But the fact is they clearly crossed a line drawn by the NFL, and they were punished pretty severely for it. Filming practice is kind of like studying last year's test in school. Taping signals is like stealing the answer key.

At any rate, given the Pats' holier than thou attitude I am simply enjoying this whole dirty mess they've gotten themselves into. Especially given that it is tarnishing their first truly dominant team.

john said...

It's too bad Joe Buck can't be calling this game. He could speak for the nation with his Outrage.

Do you think that Holier-than-thou attitude is indicitave of them being from Boston?

I do.

But I also think Holier-than-thou-ness is Gregg Easterbrook's stock in trade, and I felt like calling him out. Remember when he got fired for Jew-bating Michael Eisner over "Kill Bill?"

Sllaacs said...

The Patsy's cheating was and is not a big deal. It's not like they're the only one's cheating. Sousa is right - team's are used to spying, and they take measures to combat spies. I just don't understand how the Patso's got caught using a fucking High-8 video camera with the recording technology we have today. You only get caught spying if you're stupid.

Sllaacs said...

There will be plenty of outrage, and people running off at the mouth with hyperbole, but the Patriots have still got to win on the field. Stealing test answers isn't the same if you have "stupid fingers" that can't write the answers down properly. Let's change test answers to cheating tapes and "stupid fingers" to players and I think my analogy works.