Sunday, November 4, 2007

Local Programming

I've traveled all the way to Texas to avoid the Raiders' blackout and Austin local TV is playing neither game that interests me: Texans-Raiders and Packers-Chiefs. Apparently Houston's slow start and Longhorn Vince Young's winning ways have shifted Austin back to being an Oilers town. I guess Young out-rates Huff 'round these parts. At least the sports bar won't black out the Raiders.

The big question today will be whether the Raiders' running game reappears. The combination of a QB who can take snaps from under center and facing a less-daunting defensive front should help, as should LaMont's improving back and Fargas' increasing involvement. But what is the explanation for Rhodes not getting involved? And how will Bush factor?

It's pretty obvious that Kiffin wants the Raiders to be a running team given that backfield and the total lack of depth at WR. It does seem a bit odd to be so thin - Dwight arrives this week as the #4 - in an area that was so deep during camp.

I look forward to the Raiders turning the corner at 3 pm Central today.

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john said...

This is amazing...I'll be in TX in two weeks, When the Raiders are Minny. I'll be in College Station...and I'll probably have a long post about the last time I spent a couple of days in Texas, in March 1999. Oh, and per the Pregame show on KSFO, Atkinson and the Hummer say that the reason Rhodes isn't getting any run even after dominating in the playoffs and super bowl last year is because the NFL stands for "Not For Long," and that Kiffin is rewarding people for their play, implying that Rhodes is next on the chopping block after Mike Williams...