Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bruce Jenkins is a Better Writer than John.

His 3 Dot Lounge column today expresses eloquently what I think I was trying to express with my too-long post yesterday that got me into an argument with Dan.

Besides, I don't think I even finished. McCown will lead the Raiders to a 20-17 victory. I think either Morrison or Howard adds a defensive touchdown.

One question though. If Daunte's not a good fit for this offense because the complementary players were added in anticipation of McCown playing the whole season, what's going to happen when JaMarcus gets out there? All the talk was of JaMarcus being a bigger, faster Daunte-in-his- prime, right? So is it just that Daunte can't run any more? I really think JaMarcus is going to be a good quarterback in this league, and for the Raiders. I'm not in a hurry to see him get maimed, but a series or two, at the end of a half for a Hail Mary when the defense is playing 6 DBs and the LBs are dropped into coverage couldn't hurt. This isn't last year, when our O-line couldn't even block 3 rushers.

Please tell me we've improved that much.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

Don't get me wrong - I like the idea of a dominant team, I just don't like it being the Patriots with their Tuck Rules and phony perfect franchise image. This whole scandal is fun because the average fan is starting to see through their BS.

As for Daunte not being a fit, I think the key issue is he can't operate from under center and that is killing the running game. He also turns the ball over a lot. Neither of those things is a comparison I've heard made to JaMarcus.