Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prediction: The Raiders will Win "It" After All

The Raiders signed two of the worst players in San Francisco Forty-Niners history: Kwame Harris and Ashlie Lelie.  They have a Head Coach who hates at least half of his roster and an owner who ostensibly wants the coach to quit.  They have a young and supremely unproven quarterback, unimpressive receiving corps and an iffy running game.  With an offense like the Raiders displayed last year and so far in the preseason, you can't even really judge the defense.  So yeah, the Raiders have it locked - They will "win" (personally, I like "earn") the 1st pick in the next Lottery, somehow out-sucking the 49ers.



Dan Hauenstein said...

Is there a consensus #1 pick for next year yet?

Sllaacs said...

Probably, but I'll have to literally stumble over the information before I find out.