Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not It

Maybe dobolina can log in quickly and start keeping track of wins-losses for us. It's almost noon in Minnesota.

Is there some Cardinals - St. Louis - Rams thing going on in people's heads or is that just the joke? At any rate, I choose the Arizona Cardinals, 17-14. But the 49ers are at least interesting this week thanks to Mike Martz.

The Jets will win, 27-10, just because the Dolphins have a long way to go. It would be more of a blowout if it weren't so miserably hot in Miami. Here I will resist a reach of an inappropriate "blowout" comment related to Hurricane Ike.

Two seasons ago I attended one of those "last time at Lambeau" games for Brett Favre as the Packers took on the Vikings. Tavaris Jackson tied Aaron Brooks' MNF opener to the Shell II era as the worst QB performance I've ever witnessed. I didn't notice him getting any better last year. The Packers are talented. So I predict that the Rodgers era opens successfully, 28-20.

And of course I'll pick the Raiders, as Johnny and I will thoroughly enjoy four quarters of mocking Shanahan from the cheap seats. The Raiders were not very good last year, yet they beat the Broncos easily. During the offseason, the Raiders added a lot more talent than the Broncos did, and Denver's best offensive player is suspended. As a fan of cornerbacks, this should be an interesting game, with four of the best lining up against approximately zero WR talent.

Raiders, 31-10.

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john said...

no. I'm just an idiot.

I changed my post...I wish I knew how to do that struck text thing where you put a line through the mistake...