Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Nancy Gay Memorial Hater of the Week: Jeffri Chadiha

He is as clumsy as he is stupid.

I mean, Wow. This is so shocking, I seriously considered renaming the NGMHOTW Award the Jeffri Chadia Hater of the Week Award. From today's column on what teams that missed the playoffs need to do to make them next year, where he points out the obvious (re-sign Nmamdi and Huggy Jr., improve the defense) but then concludes:

The reality, however, is that none of these moves would ensure the Raiders a chance of moving up in the NFL ranks. They don't have enough talent or direction, and that will always be their undoing. It's too bad, really, because head coach Lane Kiffin really believes he can make a difference in that franchise. Eventually, like most of his predecessors, he'll realize he can't.

Are you shitting me? Even Ira Miller says that now that we know Kiff is staying, it's a good thing because he's onto something, especially if he can convince Mr. Davis to hire his old man as DC. Now Ira doesn't have a lot of hope that Lane can get Al to hire his pops, but at least he acknowledges that he is making a difference. Seems to me like Chadiha is calling Lane delusional.

Congratulations, Mr. Chadiha, you asshole. You're the 2nd winner of the quasi-weekly Nancy Gay Memorial Hater of the Week award. Prizes include the wishes of hundreds of Raiders fans that your wife cheats on you with Mike Shanahan and gives you a blistering case of genital herpes, and if you ever get a chance to interview Al Davis via satellite video, he will force choke you Admiral Ozzel-style.

I mean, seriously, bro. Your lack of faith is disturbing.


Sllaacs said...

You call a guy a faithless hater, but really, just take an objective look at things; The Raiders fucking suck. They have sucked since the Snow Bowl, and there is no reason to think they won't suck next year. I mean, without seeing any roster moves, I don't see this team winning more than 7 games next year anyhow. The truth is, Kiffin is in the same position as at least half a dozen former Raider coaches over the last 10 years; coming off a shit season, which if he repeats, he is history. If the Raiders don't jump out of the gates next season, I give the Kiffer 6 games before he'll be fired - for 'losing the team'.

john said...

It's one thing for you to say that, because it's your job: You're an acknowledged hater and you're proud of it, like the people who clown me in my neighborhood for wearing Raider gear (just like you probably get clowned in the O for your Niner gear). But Chadiha is an allegedly objective "journalist." Read J-mac's "Day After Wrap-up" to see why Kiffin is different from Norv, Art, Cally, et al. Though you right if they suck badly initially he could be in trouble, Shanny-style.