Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Wisconsin Insights

Haven't yet been able to reach Mitch at Lambeau, but Rusty is accounted for so it's unlikely that he's busy scraping up bail money. Maybe his phone has frozen in the zero-degree weather.

Rusty did check in from the comfort of his Milwaukee - sorry, Whitefish Bay - home. His key? "Packer WRs and their yards-after-catch against the Giants' banged up secondary. I predict that Driver will finally get a TD, and it's going to be over by the end of the 3rd quarter. Oh yeah - and the 12th man!"

Webster is also remaining consistent with his take from last week. "The Packers need to limit turnovers and they'll win. The cold won't be any advantage - they are just better. Of course the running game will be key."

Mikey expects another blowout. "A 'Giant' fumble will seal the victory for the Packers."

I caught Naves by surprise at the grocery store. Apparently he's been distracted after learning the sex of his second child this week and did not prepare for my call. "Hmm. I think Favre's big right paw without a glove will be the key. If the temp drops below zero, it's the Packers' game to lose." Perhaps now that Chad lives in the deep south, he is most inclined to call weather a major Packer advantage.

Haen is going more low key watching from his home in Ann Arbor after his Packer party started off with two Green Bay turnovers last week. "Turnovers scare me. The weather is going to be a great equalizer. Favre has to take care of the ball and limit the fastballs that could go through receivers' hands."

Jeremy has kicked off his waaaay East Bay Packer party with some Johnsonville Brats and MGD. "The only way the Packers will lose is if Brett has one of those rare disaster games he is capable of having."

From Oshkosh, Vogel understandably says he's not happy with the weather. "If anything, I think it helps the Giants. The stats on the Packers in the cold weather are misleading. But they are the better team, so they should be able to win."

Finally, Meyer checks in to suggest the following for the Packers to cruise to victory: "Steal the Giants' heaters and get an early score!"

The first Packer possession seems to back up most Wisconsinites' assertion that the weather won't help. Favre isn't quite on target and the Giants will take over inside their own 20. This is the third coldest game in NFL history.

Go Pack Go!

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john said...

Sorry I missed you guys...this is a good game... much more entertaining that the early game. It's hard trying to root for both teams to lose.