Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Lance Kiffin a Bernard Petrino?

Good Morning. Being a Raiders fan has always been a little stupid, especially to fans of other teams who just don't understand the passion that the Raiders generate among those of us who are faithful.

From Jason Jones' excellent blog at the Sacramento Bee, there's this:

And now players have begun calling Davis to express their displeasure with Kiffin.

As word has gotten out that Kiffin pursued jobs at Arkansas and Michigan, the players must feel like they've got a Bobby Petrino among them.

Stay tuned.

We will definitely stay tuned. On another note, I may have to apologize to Nancy Gay. I haven't decided for sure, yet, but she may very well be saying "I told you so" after this is all over.

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Sllaacs said...

No doubt that bitch is saying "I told you so", but so what? Even a fucked up clock is right twice a day and the sunshine will glint off the taint of every dog once in a while.