Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kiff Vs. Ryan: Credit Where it's Due

While I first read it here on Jason Jones' blog, he points out that David White got the scoop. So here's a link to White's Silver&Black blog at SFGate, which we here at CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY call the "SFGate Hater Blog." I've also questioned his committment in the past, comparing him negatively with Jerry McDonald.

But then here comes Jones with a recap of Adam Schefter's "Kiffin Wants Out" story.

A point on Jones: His blog is excellent. As Jerry winds down after the season ended, Jones comes out with a near-daily question/answer column. It's great stuff.

Good Job, Fellas.

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Sllaacs said...

Dude, Kiffin is gone. Gone. Al is sick of his shit.