Thursday, January 10, 2008

Asking Jerry

The Bay Area News Group has asked Raider fans to submit questions to Jerry McDonald to answer tomorrow in his blog. Here are the questions I submitted:

What do you consider to be the best- and worst-case scenarios regarding the Rob Ryan situation this offseason? What do you believe is the most likely outcome?

If the Raiders acquire a true SS and a run-stuffing DT, can Ryan's scheme stop power running teams or is it doomed only to match up well against spread offenses?

Lane Kiffin gutted what many Raider fans felt could be a promising WR corps in 2007. Which was the primary reason: fixing the locker room, converting to a conservative offense in 2007, gambles gone bad (e.g., Williams, Higgins), talent wasn't as good as we thought...other? What do you expect him to do to add weapons for JaMarcus in 2008?

A lot of "industry sources" weighed in this year to describe conflict between Kiffin and Davis. What topics of disagreement do you have reason to believe actually exist, and how would you rate the relationship overall?

Will Lester Hayes ever make it into the Hall of Fame?

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John Sousa said...

I'll be interested to read your follow up. He didn't pick one of your questions specifically, but he covered a lot of those issues.