Sunday, January 13, 2008

"That's my quarterback."

Earlier I asked if the sky was falling because of how the Chargers beat Indy. I'm looking out my window, and the sky is still there, but I'm not sure I'll sleep easy.

Watching NFL Network, they just showed T.O. at the podium burst into tears defending Tony Romo. "You guys can talk about the vacation," he said, choking up, "but that would be unfair. It's just unfair." The water works started in earnest as he said, "That's my quarterback. We win as a team, and lose as a team."

If the world ends tonight, don't say the signs weren't there....

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Sllaacs said...

That was classic. T.O. the quarterback killa showing love to Romo. Romo must have naked pictures of T.O. in hotel room with a dead girl, a live boy and bowl of Jelly.
I did sort of expect T.O. to bust out into the "Wild, Wild West", with those Kool Mo Dee shades he was sporting, but unfortuately all we got to see was a severe emotional breakdown.