Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wisconsin Insights

As the Packer game kicks off, I thought I would poll a few of my Wisconsin buddies for their insights, predictions, keys, etc.

Mitch was on his way into Lambeau, and reported perfect Green Bay football weather. His key: "Kampman needs to get an early sack and it will throw off Hasselbeck all day."

Webster is hosting Festivus today at his home in Minneapolis. He says, "Green Bay is the better team. As long as they limit turnovers, they should win easily." [Note: As I type this, Grant just fumbled for the second time and Seattle is driving up 7-0. Ouch.]

Mears is on his way to the Festivus celebration on crutches after rupturing his Achilles. "The key will be neutralizing Seattle's pass rush. If Favre has time, they will be in good shape."

Rusty made a quick call at the coin flip to say, "Today they will see the real 12th man - Lambeau Field!"

Haen chimed in recently with his prediction. "The Packers will survive a late scare to win."

And Mikey - from work - says, "My key: AJ Hawk scaring the Seattle running backs. Once the Pack makes some big plays early, it will be a blowout."

It might be a blowout. Seattle just scored to make it 14-0. In my opinion, as long as the Packers settle down soon they should be fine. If not, the playoffs will be as depressing as the regular season was for me.


Mears said...

So, who was right? It seems to me that the Packers were just the better team on Saturday. Overcoming early turnovers, strong defense, effective pass/run mix, and redzone touchdowns - the makings of a very good team. Let's hope it continues for a few more weeks!

Dan Hauenstein said...

This one was pretty well called by all the Wisconsinites who checked in. There was an "early" sack (it was already 14-0) and the Seahawks were limited afterwards. We saw the impact that stopping the turnovers had. Favre had a lot of time to throw and killed them. The 12th man probably includes the snow. It was an early scare, but a scare nevertheless. Seattle RBs were stuffed, and it was quite a blowout in the end.

Nice job! Hopefully they get another home game next week.

John Sousa said...

Don't forget the fantastic way that Grant redeemed himself after putting the rock on the carpet. At one point, Fox had a stat up that said something like, "First 3 touches: 2 Fumbles. Next 18 Touches: 191 Yards, 3 TDs." That was an amazing game.